The craze of Affiliate marketing in Indian Teenagers

Affiliate Marketing is a good way of earning Passive Income in the current era of Social media and the Internet world. Where each of us may want to earn money with minimal effort and with high returns.

Due to the lockdown situation Students got access to the Internet more likely Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook. They see what other people are posting about their rich lifestyle and how much good life social media Influencers are living. Which increases the desire in them to be like that Influencers.

How Some Indian companies make fool by doing Network Marketing under the name of Affiliate Marketing

In India Network Marketing is not new. Even though People know the truth about it they invest their hard money in Network marketing and to earn back from it they trap other ones.

In-Network marketing first, you have to join their company by paying some amount and in return, they will give you some products which are totally not usable. But now you have invested in it, so to get returns you need to sell the same products to other ones who may your own relatives, friends who trust you but you know what you going to do with them. After selling the same products to other people the company will give you some points and based on your points the companies decide how much % they will give for the selling.

Due to the lockdown number of such companies has increased in India. But they changed their Procedure name from Network marketing to Affiliate Marketing. I have seen a number of teenagers below the age of 20 are posting on social media that they are earning Lakhs of Rupees per month by just investing some thousands in Affiliate marketing and asking others to join their network to earn like them.

In Affiliate marketing, there are two types, in one you just refer some products to your network without any charge, and if someone buys that product using your referral your company gives you some commission. In another one, you make a stock of products at your warehouse or somewhere which the company can sell you at less price than the actual market selling price, and then you can sell them at the actual price to other ones. Both ways are good and sustainable if you know how demand and supply chain works.

But some companies took advantage of this name Affiliate Marketing and trapped many teenagers to join their program by investing in their products and asking them to sell the same products to other ones which are totally not usable but you do it because you have to earn money from it.

One company I have seen is just sold their learning course with the cost of thousand but I researched about it and I found that their main target wasn’t the course they are selling. They have created a chain of Student, Teenagers, some fool people who wanted to earn and leave rich lifestyle.

Here they what do first one of their members will call you and tell you to buy their course and how that course is really needed for you if you want to become rich in future. Once you buy that course they tell you that if you again buy the same course from them and sell it to others then you can earn money from it no matter how shitty that course is, people, start doing that. And they fooled their own colleagues, family members, friends to earn commission from it. Even they know that it's not the correct way but it's already too late for them because they have invested in it so they need to sell it to others to get return their own money.

My only suggestion is to those students, teenagers that don’t get fooled by watching the social lifestyle of others, you are more financially stable than them and no need to do show off. People who really are rich hide their money and not do show off. The only way to start a good source of income is to build your skills, show your skills and earn from them without doing any investment.




Experienced Software Engineer with Highly skilled and knowledge of end to end Software Design and development.

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Sunit Kale

Sunit Kale

Experienced Software Engineer with Highly skilled and knowledge of end to end Software Design and development.

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